1. Future retail trends of custom acrylic display stands

The new retail makes it easier for consumers to shop, which is covenient to take and go, and shopping occurs during mental shifts. The concept of display stands also coincides with this, custom acrylic display stands definitely show products' performances and uniqueness to the audience, and these are important factors that help consumers to make their purchasing decisions. When custom acrylic display stands are used to show the highlights to consumers, it has to be said that it already saves time invisibly. It is no longer necessary to filter through the massive production information one by one. Consumer convenience is the direction of future sales development.


2. Custom acrylic display stands are offline interaction channels between consumers and products

The online interaction is the interaction between consumers and customer service rather than the interaction between consumers and products. This is because all online product information is conveyed through third-party sellers. There is no direct contact between consumers and the product to be purchased. Live streaming and product reviews are all based on others' opinions instead of consumers who really want to buy a product. Thus, there is no interaction between the real consumers and products.


However, the custom acrylic display stands are offline interaction channels. Products are put on display stands by sellers, at this point, products are within the reach of consumers. Whether the product is good or not, whether it is what he wants or not, what is the sense of using, these series of questions can be simply answered by touching it. At the same time, custom acrylic display stands clearly display the innovative points, usage methods and application scenarios of the product. Also, the display stands use lighting, LCD video player, speaker and other accessories to achieve different functions.


3. Custom acrylic display stands meet the special needs of sellers

For example, there is a display stand that needs to be designed for a range hood product. Sellers want to simulate the situation of cooking in the kitchen to demonstrate the good performance of their products for consumers. According to the traditional way of thinking, do we have to set up a kitchen in the store to show the performance of this range hood? Of course not. It can be done through custom acrylic display stands, and it is enough to reserve a groove for emitting smoke on display stands. This is the beauty of custom acrylic display stands. Meanwhile, the seller needn't bother to do much work and cost much.


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